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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Know Your Self Worth in the Business Marketplace

Far too many times in the last few years because of the crummy economy, professionals are devaluing their self-worth in the job marketplace. We as a society need to put a value on our own lives in the business world and start driving the price of employees up instead of down.

This theory is not only goes for solo-entrepreneur's on the internet and off, but the common job seeker who has just found themselves laid off from a job, re-entering the job marketplace, or trying desperately to move on from their current position. I worked for a company once that lost their contract. It was awarded to another vendor and the employees in my office scrambled to move on before being laid off.

The one thing that distressed me was the inability to determine one's self-worth in the business marketplace. What irks me the most in corporate America is when people take a pay cut when they really deserve a raise. Why on earth would you work at a position for 3-10 years, gain all that experience and then let someone tell you that your worth is less than what you are currently making or valued at the same amount?

It's inexcusable to let someone dictate your value in our society regardless of what the economy is doing, what your friends tell you should be making, or what an HR person says your job title is worth! Do you want to know why? Every time you take a pay cut you are not only undermining your ability to survive and your family's ability, but you are telling the HR person and the economy they are right. Do you have any clue what that does to the job market? That not only makes the rich richer (the big bad business owner), but it also now tells the rest of the job pushers that your job is now only worth this much money. That means everyone else who is qualified for that position in a different state and a different city has now been told their job is only worth this much.

So for example, Project Coordinator Jane in ABC city USA has made 60K a year as a high level project coordinator on at IT project for the last 3 years. She has gained invaluable skills and could probably do the job of a project manager now and run circles around them. Unfortunately she has also gotten burned out on her job and she has heard rumors that they are eliminating her department.

She has now applied for a better coordinator position at company Awesome. They have everything she wants in a position and are even going to give her more duties such as managing a small staff. Guess what? They know she needs a job so they offer her 55K a year to this awesome new job and explain that's what everyone else in the industry is now offering. Jane takes it without even negotiating and she is happy to have a job. But she has a twinge of depression creep in because she feels that she should have and could have been making more but tries to rationalize her thoughts stating she was going to be out of a job soon so she should be grateful for anything at this point.

This is where the downward spiral starts. Jane in turn has started a ripple effect by not even negotiating herself worth even though she deserves more. But now she feels a bit of anxiety every time she goes to work at her new awesome job because she knows she should have asked for more money. This is a common problem not only in the corporate world but online as well. Because Joe Shmoe in India can live on and will take 4 dollars an hour, Joe Brilliant in the good ole USA feels he needs to lower his prices as well.

If the entire workforce would stand up for themselves and tell corporate America they are worth more, and that they will not being doing the job of 3 people instead of just 1, I believe our job force would be much happier and work more productively. You have to value yourself everyday in life and business much higher than what you would expect. In turn others will value you as well in turn affording you better opportunities, more money, and a better lifestyle. The moral of the story is, if you have to fake it do, ask for what you are worth, know where you are going in life whether it be in corporate America or as a solo-entrepreneur. Never settle for less than you are worth!

Stacey Wockenfuss is a professional internet marketer, virtual assistant and business coach who specializes in helping people reach their own goals of business ownership and working from home through her guides, ebooks, and sound business advice

Why Freelance Marketplaces Are Not a Small Business Owner's Friend

As a small business, one of the most tempting ways to get affordable web design services is to use a freelance marketplace such as oDesk or eLance. The simple fact is using these marketplaces is one of the biggest mistakes that a small business or start-up company can make. Taking this avenue is going to be a huge drain on both your time and your wallet.

Let me share with you a small nightmare story from one of these marketplaces. One small business owner decided that he was going to use eLance to have a small program developed for his company. He was a veteran user of eLance and had reviewed numerous applications with no problem but that didn't stop him from getting scammed. He hired what seemed like a reputable coder. The coder ended up taking advantage of the eLance terms of service and made the business owner pay early before the work was complete.

As if that wasn't enough, the coder was able to bill him for another $140 dollars without his consent! All in all, the business owner ended up with a code that didn't work and a bill for over $300, and eLance only gave him back $75 in credit after fighting with them via email!

So what do you need to do to keep yourself and your small business safe?

• Avoid freelance sites like eLance for development services; they can rack up a hefty bill before you even get a working program.

• Don't trust an applicant just because their application hits all the right notes, some of them have more experience in conning you, then you have in reviewing applications.

• Don't waste time reviewing all the applications that flood in on these sites, a single job could have an upwards of 30 applicants. As a small business you don't have time to waste on these applicants without the guarantee of a good hire.

Luckily there are companies that will take the guess work out of hiring the perfect web service developer and coder! Engineering recruiting firms go through the available applicants for you one at a time and make sure that they are not only qualified, but that the work they turn out is quality!

Some people fear that these firms cost more money for their engineers; however the slightly higher cost is easily justified when you realize that you are not paying extra for bad programmers, throwing your time away on application review, or being stuck with unqualified workers.

Bottom Line, if you are a serious start-up or small business owner you need to avoid the freelance marketplaces and use a recruiting firm to get the job done right.

Dritlap Parfozzi is a web developer and part time engineer that has recently retired from his full time job as a software designer. He spends most of his time now working with Engineer Nexus helping start-up and small business find reputable and affordable engineers and developers for their companies.

Marketplace Help in Building a World of Opportunities for Designers

If you have just started out as a designer, you might be finding it hard. You will have sent resumes to all the big design companies and you might have even had a few interviews.

However, you probably didn't get any of the jobs and they probably all had the same reason - you didn't have any experience. You will feel downhearted because you did everything right in college and you will have had internships with design companies, so how much more experience do they want you to have?

Also, how are going to get the experience unless a company is willing to take a chance on you. In the old days, designers were likely to get a job with the company that they interned for, but today, things are a lot different.

Companies are suffering in recession and they would rather get another intern than hire the one they have once college is finished. This is because having an intern is free. They don't have to pay the intern, so it is saving them money by hiring interns over and over again.

If you are in this situation and you are worried about where your next paycheck is going to come from, then read ahead because all is not lost and you did not waste your money in college, doing website design.


This is the point where you are going to be using your own initiative. You don't need to rely on big design companies for work, in this industry. You can start up on your own.

Coming straight out of college might mean that you are a little bit scared of starting out on your own, with your own business, but this is definitely the step that you need to take to get work, otherwise you are going to be having interviews and getting turned down for the rest of your life.


You are going to be doing freelance work. This means that you are self employed and you are going to be hired on a job-to-job basis. You don't have a contract with a big company, but you can apply for actual design work on jobs that suit you.

You are probably thinking that you don't even know where to begin and you don't know where you are even going to find companies that hire per job, but it is a lot easier than it looks.

Marketplace Websites

What you are going to do is sign up for some marketplace websites. These are websites that specialize in crowd sourcing. Workers sign up and then can search a list of jobs that companies have listed.

The way it works is that the website controls everything so if there is a dispute, they can act as a mediator and hopefully get everything sorted.

Workers sign up and make a profile with some information about them and their experience. This is where you would write about your experience as an intern and as you get more work, you will update your experience.

The worker then searches for a job and makes a bid on a job once they have found a suitable one. If their bid is accepted, they wait to be contacted by the employer and then they start work. Once the work is done, they get paid and the employer gives them feedback on their profile.

The feedback is very important because people with the most feedback are more likely to get more work and therefore, make more money. All the work is done from home, around the marketplace website.

InnoDojo is a very successful marketplace, specializing in big and small redesign needs and consulting. They work with anyone from small companies to massive corporations and bloggers to online stores. If customers have a problem with their website, InnoDojo can put them in contact with a consultant who can help. They will take care of small tweaks and complete overhauls with the same enthusiasm. Their consultants keep their clients informed and show them why their current design is costing them customers

How To Make A Marketplace Work For a Website Designer

Today's world runs off of the Internet. It is not uncommon for someone to go to a website for a product they want to buy or a service they want to book. However, a poor website can give potential clients the wrong idea about a service and can cause a business to lose money before they even have an opportunity to make it.

Thus, a large market for web designers has opened up and become very profitable for a number of web design firms and freelancers. Not only do they design websites, but they also redesign existing websites for clients which allows them to always stay busy and have an influx of funds going in their bank accounts.

However, not all web designers are drowning in clients. Freshly-minted college graduates who want to work in the industry have to build their brand and rely on their portfolios before they earn the trust of clients. Yet, portfolio may be the calling card, but their skills will get them the job.

They should also possess certain skills which would enable them to garner work regardless of the economy. They must be able to meet deadlines. Many people are on a tight timeframe and want their work to be finished when the designer tells them it will be done.

Another skill set that is highly important to clients is the ability to work well and successfully collaborate with them. Designing a website requires two or more people to work together to create the ideal result. Listening to clients and being honest with them about their abilities and what is possible to achieve with their requests.

Once the web designer can accurately rely on the above skills are they ready to have the marketplace work for them. The first thing budding designers should do is compare their costs with the market and adjust their prices accordingly.

For example, if a new designer discovers that he or she charges as much as someone with years in the industry and a strong client base, then that person will need to adapt his or her prices to reflect more realistic prices.

After the pricing structure has been sorted out, they need to set up a website. Although this seems par for the course, few web designers have their own sites or one that accurately reflects their skills. They need to market themselves just like every other business.

Marketing is a large part of all business plans, and designers that fail to focus some of their energy towards marketing will have a more difficult time booking clients or getting web design firms to consider hiring them. With the power of today's social media age, there is no reason for a designer to ignore the power of marketing and social media.

Yet, sometimes marketing, a top-of-the-line portfolio and well-cultivated skills are not enough to get a designer noticed. When that happens the web designer should not be afraid to approach clients, other designers or web design firms and let them know that they exist.

Approaching firms and clients to learn what they are want in a web designer and speaking with a fellow graphic designer will educate them on what the market wants in graphic design.

All businesses large and small need help with their websites. Some need a site built from scratch while others need their websites redesigned to reflect a changing business model or to modernize their existing company.

With many web designers overwhelmed with managing their clients and amount of work, there is no reason for all graphic and web designers to have a difficult time finding work. They just need to learn how to make the marketplace work for them.

InnoDojo is a marketplace for large and small business owners to find the best web designer for their needs. The company is headquartered in Plano, Texas and it specializes in web consulting, logo design and web design in addition to assisting clients with identifying their corporate identity. The company prides itself on its ability to handle large and small projects and employing designers with a wide variety of skills for the web design marketplace.

How to Cut Your Transportation Costs With Virtual Transportation Marketplace

The process goes as follows: Transportation or logistics companies enter their free capacities and freight services into the database and then wait for cargo owners to contact them or they can give price quotes to the cargo owners which are already entered their transportation needs. Companies looking for transportation can either select the best offer of transportation capacities provided, or make offer of their own and wait for carrier to contact them.

The main reason why this transportation marketplace significantly reduces costs for both sides involved is because the transportation vehicles can fully reduce empty-running. Without freight exchange if freight carrier had delivery from point A to point B he would make a delivery and then have to search for another freight ready to go in opposite direction. Transportation marketplace allows him to find fright he can deliver back to the point A and make some profit in the process. Because he has to return back anyway it is better for him to charge less than to go back with empty vehicle. Because transportation companies are ready to lower their fees, just to avoid empty-running, freight owners can benefit and get better deal. It is a win-win situation.

Further benefits for both sides are:

Financial security - most internet transportation marketplace platforms requires from all their customers (both freight owners and transportation companies) to be in the business at least six months or a year to be admitted to the customer base and granted the use of the program. Unethical users in the business are put on the black list and are forbidden from any further use of the program. Also, all of the other clients are warned about their behavior. Some of the transportation fright exchange companies even have their own legal team which collects legitimate claims.

Reputation building - transportation fright exchange companies have their own system of feedback and website forums, so you can check any of the other users whenever you like and find who is most trustworthy.

New business contacts- as a client you'll have access to database of companies, so you can negotiate for transportation terms by yourself and get better price and service.

Time saving-Because each day all users have access to thousands of offers of available loads and vehicles, you can find transportation or freight almost immediately

Reduced risk- Most freight exchange platforms allows anyone wanting to become a virtual transportation marketplace customer to test the program in real-time for limited period of time (usually for weeks) free of charge and without obligation prior to signing a contract.

Business to Business Marketplace - A Gold Mine for International Trade!

A business to business marketplace is a platform that helps local as well as global traders to connect with each other in order to grow their business and increase their revenues. It is a place where buyers, sellers, suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and resellers can connect with each other and discuss their business opportunities. Business to business marketplaces and web portals have become one of the most sought after options for the international trade. This is because such web portals allow local as well as global traders to do business at their least expenditure.

The IT related business solutions, after their doldrums, once again emerged with B2B websites that give wholesalers the liberty to expand and promote their business to worldwide traders without spending huge fortune. Prior to B2B web portals, the interface that existed between buyers and sellers was in the form of brokers.

Brokers are the persons who help two or more businesses to weld a profitable business relationship with one another as well as with the other traders across the world. Some of the brokers evolved themselves as wholesalers, one cannot eliminate from international trade because of different reasons. In such cases, these brokers virtually put international trade to ransom. As a result, international traders had to bear the burden of excessive brokering charges that reflected on the prices of goods / services they wanted to sell. Such an increase in the prices of goods / products being sold ultimately made them unattractive for the international market.

B2B portals and websites allow global traders to directly interact with each other in an effective way without bearing any extra brokering charges. Such business to business websites are springing up with an extensive growth rate not only because they allow global traders to connect but also because they make brokers to charge their clients realistically. In fact, now even brokers are using B2B web portals to find out new clients.

A B2B website offers its services to a wide range of traders that include, but are not limited to, sellers, buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, exporters, stockists, distributors, resellers and dropshippers. In this way, B2B websites have become a crucial trading tool for everyone.

The success of B2B websites lies in their simplicity. You simply have to get yourself registered there, and voila! Now, you can post your own selling / buying leads, can contact other traders all over the world, can also advertise your company to millions of potential customers and much more. Choose a B2B website very carefully after analyzing all the features it offers and list of companies and traders already registered there.

It is understood that if a B2B website or a business to business marketplace used in the right direction, it can become a gold mine for international trade.