Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Some Simple Tips For Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is not hard if you know what you are doing. However, like most things in business there are certain things that you must do every day if you want your blog to be a success. For example, don't expect to just create a new post and simply forget about it, you have to be consistent and post regular quality content relevant to your niche or topic of interest. There are many ways to market your blog, but I would like to give you (in this article) some very simple tips for blog marketing... so keep reading!

Some Simple Tips For Blog Marketing

Good quality content is something that you should ALWAYS be looking to provide your blog readers and subscribers. However, there is also the requirement for it to be original as well. Although you can market your blog with PLR material, I don't recommend that, as Google loves quality original content and can heavily penalise you (by dropping you down the rankings very quickly) for having duplicate or copied content on your blog. So be sure that all of your posts are your own material or material that you own the rights to and your blog marketing efforts will be rewarded in time.

Some Simple Tips For Blog Marketing - Competitions:

Competitions are a great way to market your blog. Having competitions can provide a good interaction with your readers and can provide some great social commenting which on it's own can have a very positive impact on your Google rankings. Importantly, it is also a great way to keep your readers coming back.

Lets face it, everyone loves to win things, you can make the prize relevant to your marketplace and a reason for a reader to opt-in to your blog newsletter or mailing list.

Some Simple Tips For Blog Marketing - Blog commenting:

Blog commenting should also form a very important part of your blog marketing strategy. Not only should YOU be looking for relevant blogs to post regular comments (good back linking strategy this!) on, but you should ALWAYS ensure that you respond to any relevant comments that have been left on your blog by your readers as well.

The fact that you do this on a regular basis, forms 3 major impressions on your audience:

1. It shows your readers and subscribers that you are real.

2. It gives out a message that you have the best intentions and interests of your audience.

3. It provides a level of confidence to your subscribers and readers that can be missing in this era of virtual businesses. So make sure that NO comment remains unanswered.

Some Simple Tips For Blog Marketing - Interview an Expert in Your Niche:

Interviewing an expert and posting it on your blog is a fantastic way for you to market your blog. But you must obviously ensure that the experts you interview are relevant to your target market, as with all of your blog posts. For example, if your blog is targeted to the golfing niche, then an interview with Tiger Woods would be highly relevant, but an interview with Richard Branson would not (still of interest though, but that's for another article).

So hopefully you get the idea. Any interview, if it is going to increase your blog's profile, simply MUST be of major interest to your target market, or YOU WILL BE WASTING YOUR TIME AND ENERGY.

Some Simple Tips For Blog Marketing - Press Releases:

Submitting regular press releases is an excellent way to market your blog. These days, sending out a press release or having one made for you is within the budgets of most businesses. You'll find that many companies will offer you a package deal in which they will write the press release for you, then submit it for a discounted price. But it is well worth remembering that there are lots of companies out there that will do this for you, so shop around and prepare to do some bargaining!

Some Simple Tips For Blog Marketing - Current Affairs:

Posting on your blog about current affairs is a great way to attract readers from outside of your niche, especially if you are promoting something that has a wide range of uses or interest. It is also usually a good way to promote some commenting from your subscribers. But bear in mind that this only works if the news is really up to date. NOBODY is interested in old news especially when they have more than likely seen it on TV or heard it on the radio anyway.

Marketing a blog can be fairly tedious and monotonous work. The key (as previously mentioned) is to be consistent and disciplined to add new highly relevant content on a regular (at least 3 times per week, EVERY WEEK) basis.

Blog marketing is not difficult, but don't be fooled into thinking it is easy either. But it is SIMPLE if you follow the advice given above and commit yourself to building a business. Hard work, persistence and discipline are all you need.


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