Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Marketplace Help in Building a World of Opportunities for Designers

If you have just started out as a designer, you might be finding it hard. You will have sent resumes to all the big design companies and you might have even had a few interviews.

However, you probably didn't get any of the jobs and they probably all had the same reason - you didn't have any experience. You will feel downhearted because you did everything right in college and you will have had internships with design companies, so how much more experience do they want you to have?

Also, how are going to get the experience unless a company is willing to take a chance on you. In the old days, designers were likely to get a job with the company that they interned for, but today, things are a lot different.

Companies are suffering in recession and they would rather get another intern than hire the one they have once college is finished. This is because having an intern is free. They don't have to pay the intern, so it is saving them money by hiring interns over and over again.

If you are in this situation and you are worried about where your next paycheck is going to come from, then read ahead because all is not lost and you did not waste your money in college, doing website design.


This is the point where you are going to be using your own initiative. You don't need to rely on big design companies for work, in this industry. You can start up on your own.

Coming straight out of college might mean that you are a little bit scared of starting out on your own, with your own business, but this is definitely the step that you need to take to get work, otherwise you are going to be having interviews and getting turned down for the rest of your life.


You are going to be doing freelance work. This means that you are self employed and you are going to be hired on a job-to-job basis. You don't have a contract with a big company, but you can apply for actual design work on jobs that suit you.

You are probably thinking that you don't even know where to begin and you don't know where you are even going to find companies that hire per job, but it is a lot easier than it looks.

Marketplace Websites

What you are going to do is sign up for some marketplace websites. These are websites that specialize in crowd sourcing. Workers sign up and then can search a list of jobs that companies have listed.

The way it works is that the website controls everything so if there is a dispute, they can act as a mediator and hopefully get everything sorted.

Workers sign up and make a profile with some information about them and their experience. This is where you would write about your experience as an intern and as you get more work, you will update your experience.

The worker then searches for a job and makes a bid on a job once they have found a suitable one. If their bid is accepted, they wait to be contacted by the employer and then they start work. Once the work is done, they get paid and the employer gives them feedback on their profile.

The feedback is very important because people with the most feedback are more likely to get more work and therefore, make more money. All the work is done from home, around the marketplace website.

InnoDojo is a very successful marketplace, specializing in big and small redesign needs and consulting. They work with anyone from small companies to massive corporations and bloggers to online stores. If customers have a problem with their website, InnoDojo can put them in contact with a consultant who can help. They will take care of small tweaks and complete overhauls with the same enthusiasm. Their consultants keep their clients informed and show them why their current design is costing them customers

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